Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Here is a picture of our family we used for Joyce's family calendar.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

SO Funny! Read this!

Thinking of Having Kids?
Do This 10 Step Program First

Lesson 1
Before you finally go ahead and have children, find a couple who already are parents and berate them about their...
1. Methods of discipline
2. Lack of patience
3. Appallingly low tolerance levels
4. Allowing their children to run wild
5. Suggest ways in which they might improve their child's breastfeeding, sleep habits, toilet training, table manners, and overall behavior.
Enjoy it because it will be the last time in your life you will have all the answers.
Lesson 2
A really good way to discover how the nights might feel...
1. Get home from work and immediately begin walking around the living room from 5pm to 10pm carrying a wet bag weighing approx. 8-12 pounds, with a radio turned to static (or some other obnoxious sound) playing loudly.
2. At 10pm, put the bag down gently, set the alarm for midnight, and go to sleep.
3. Get up at midnight and walk around the living room again, with the bag, until 1am.
4. Set alarm for 3am.
5. As you can't get back to sleep, get up at 2am and watch an infomercial.
6. Go to bed at 2:45.
7. Get up at 3am when alarm goes off.
8. Sing songs quietly in the dark until 4am.
9. Get up. Make breakfast. Get ready for work and go to work (work hard and be productive.)
Repeat steps 1-9 each night. Keep this up for 3-5 years. Look cheerful and together.
Lesson 3
Can you stand the mess children make? To find out...
1. Smear peanut butter onto the sofa and jam onto the curtains.
2. Hide a piece of raw chicken behind the stereo and leave it there all summer.
3. Stick your fingers in the flower bed.
4. Then rub them on the clean walls.
5. Take your favorite book, photo album, etc. Wreck it.
6. Spill milk on your new pillows. Cover the stains with crayons. How does that look?
Lesson 4
Dressing small children is not as easy as it seems.
1. Buy an octopus and a small bag made out of loose mesh.
2. Attempt to put the octopus in the bag so that none of the arms hang out.
Time allowed for this- all morning.
Lesson 5
Forget the BMW and buy a mini-van. And don't think that you can leave it out in the driveway spotless and shining. Family cars don't look like that.
1. Buy a chocolate ice cream cone and put it in the glove compartment. Leave it there.
2. Get a dime. Stick it in the CD player.
3. Take a family size package of chocolate cookies. Mash them into the back seat. Sprinkle Cheerios all over the floor, them smash them with your foot.
4. Run a garden rake along both sides of the car.
Lesson 6
Go to the grocery store. Take the closest thing you can find to a pre-school child. (A full-grown goat is an excellent choice). If you intend to have more than one child, then definitely take more than one goat. Buy your week's groceries without letting the goats out of your sight. Pay for everything the goats eat or destroy. Until you can easily accomplish this, do not even contemplate having children.
Lesson 7
1. Hollow out a melon.
2. Make a small hole in the side.
3. Suspend it from the ceiling and swing it from side to side.
4. Now get a bowl of soggy Cheerios and attempt to spoon them into the swaying melon by pretending to be an airplane.
5. Continue until half the Cheerios are gone.
6. Tip half into your lap. The other half, just throw up in the air.
You are now ready to feed a 9 month-old baby.
Lesson 8
Learn the names of every character from all shows on PBS, the Disney Channel and Noggin. Watch nothing else on TV but shows from these channels for at least 5 years. (I know, you're thinking "what is Noggin?") Exactly the point.
Lesson 9
Make a recording of Fran Drescher saying 'mommy' repeatedly. (Important: no more than a four second delay between each 'mommy'; occasional crescendo to the level of supersonic jet is required). Play this tape in your car everywhere you go for the next four years. You are now ready to take a long trip with a toddler.
Lesson 10
Start talking to an adult of your choice. Have someone else continually tug on your skirt hem, shirt sleeve, or elbow while playing the 'mommy' tape made from lesson 9 above. You are now ready to have a conversation with an adult while there is a child in the room.

Read more: http://www.joyshope.com/#ixzz0VpS1quHz

Monday, August 31, 2009

We need a new post!

These were taken a few months ago, but I still wanted to share...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Easter fun and Birthdays

The first pictures af the couples are from wehn us older kids took my mom and Dad out for my Dad's 50th b-day and had so much fun together talking and eating amazing Japanese food. The deserts were our easter ones (the one on the left was my ver 1st time making trifle) And the picture outside of AMber with a boy is her boyfriend Trevor for those who would like to know. We were all sad that we couldn't be there for the Judd family easter egg hunt! You guys need to post some pics of those festivities so we can see how it went and feel connected. Here are some pics of our easter basket hunt and Lyndi's Sponge Bob party. Also the pics of the hard boiled eggs were a new thing we tried this year- look it up online- its dying eggs with silk DI ties! We also just celebrated my B-day, Emi's B-day and my Mom and Dad's Anniversary.
The very last 2 pics are from today when we went to Emily's track meet at BYU and got soaked from the crazy rain and then Tyler and his wife Kiley had us over to their apartment in Orem for breakfast, warming up and a movie!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cute Roxie again!

We have been talking to Roxie about cutting her hair and donating it to "Locks of Love". ( for those of you who havent seen Roxie in a long time her hair is all the way down to her bum) It is sooooo pretty. Anyway we have shown her pictures of these sick children who lost their hair and also pictures of how cute short hair is too. So yesterday we were walking into the doctors office,so Rowdy could get his shots, and Roxie saw an older bald man sitting in his car. She asked me why he didnt have any hair and I said because he is old....she thought for a minute then asked me if she could give him her hair! She is so wonderful......you never know what this sweet child will come up with next. We will keep you posted as to when we do the cutting! She is excited to help "the sick kids". I love her!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Prince family request

Well this is Becca but my mom's internet is shutdown and she was talking to me about not being able to call some of the Judd family to ask for their prayers and I told her I could post something on the blog. As you probably know the construction economy in Utah is not that great and my Dad's cabinet company is really struggling through that and cleaning up some mistakes of an irresponsible employee. We would really appreciate your family prayers in their behalf. My mom would also like to thanks Uncle Ardell's family so much for the wonderful Alpaca stuff that they sent Ryan. He loved it and appreciates it so so so much. Thanks to Joyce and Justin for their support and we loved seeing you guys! We love all of you so much and are so greatful for our wonderful family!
PS- sorry about any typo's or anything, I'm really tired and was in a hurry

Monday, February 9, 2009

My sweet Roxie

Saturday was my bro-in-laws eagle project. They did a lot of new painting at Kino Jr. High. Danny took the girls so I could take Rowdy to get his pictures taken. While the girls were with Danny, they had too much fun. Roxie found a worm and wanted to pick it up so Danny siad yes you can hold it. Then he said she had to pick out a name for her new pet, so she decided to name the worm "Roxie". ( She likes her name, what can I say) Then she told Danny that he needed to make her worm a cage so she could keep him. All of this lasted for about five minutes then Roxie(the girl not the worm) asked Daddy if she could put him down because he was gross. So she did and ran off to play.
While they were at the project, her grandma lost a LARGE amount of money. Everyone was looking for it. Even digging in the dumpster thinking it maybe got thrown away. No one ever found it. Later that day we went to Wal-Mart and Roxie found a quarter and a nickle on the floor and was so happy because she found Grandma's money. We went to Grandmas house so she could give it to her and Grandma started crying at how sweet the innocent jesture was. (too bad it really wasnt 30 cents that grandma lost) But Roxie was so happy to give grandma those two little coins.
Roxie is such a sweet little girl and she LOVES her grandma. If we dont see grandma at least once a day, then we are in big trouble. It sure is a good thing we live close! We are so lucky to have such a wonderful grandma!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Rowdy's blessing

Thank you to all those who came. I am sad not everyone could make it. We missed you. Love ya! Thanks for all your support!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Ryan just left for the MTC. It's been a bitter sweet experience in that I am so proud of him and know that what he is going to share with the people of Canada is a priceless gift, but I also miss him very much and can't believe I won't be able to see him for 2 years. We tried to pack in as much family fun as possible with him before he left and definitely made some good memories. These pictures are all from the night he was set apart to be a missionary. We had some little smokies with the bacon wrapped around them and the brown sugar sauce, then headed over to the church- it was a really neat experience to be there for. The only thing that was super embarrassing was that Lyndi hit the Stake president in the face (he's also my boss) when he said hi to her (I just about died). When we got home we had some birthday cake since it was my little bro Hyrum's 13th b-day the 19th. Then because my dad was bald in all of our last family pictures we tried to get some before Ryan left. Don't worry we were trying to get a toddler to behave for pictures at 11:30 pm. Through all the craziness we still had allot of fun and I love my crazy big family.